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This site hosts the NumERICCS project (ANR-15-CE06-0009).

NumERICCs (Numerical and Experimental Research for Improved Control of Compressor Surge) is an ANR funded project (2015-2020). The NumERICCS consortium (UPMC, ENSAM, ECLille, ONERA, SNECMA) brings together, in strong synergy, teams from academia, national laboratories and aerospace industry, with competence ranging from practical aeronautical engineering design of actual aircraft engines to fundamental (experimental, numerical and theoretical) research in fluid mechanics. The project develops new techniques for the active control of HP compressor surge. This research includes basic studies of tip-vortex conrtrol, compressor-stage surge-control experiment and the development of novel RANS and VR turbulence models for the prediction of the controlled flow at the design phase. Mid-project summary ()


G.A. Gerolymos
Institut d'Alembert
Case 161
4 place Jussieu
75005 Paris, France